Just a bit about me...


I was born and raised in Nashville, and I've lived here almost my entire life. I am a wife to my uber-sweet hubby Brandon, the big love of my life, who I couldn't do practically anything without. He supports me in all the endeavors I've ever dreamed up. I also have the honor of being a mommy to Campbell and Lyla, the little loves of my life. They challenge me daily, and we take turns teaching each other what it means to be a family. They are smart and sweet and more fun-loving than anyone else I know.

I love photography. I picked up a real camera for the first time in college, and it swept me away.   I learned my way with film, and spent many, many hours in the darkroom. My love for it has grown tenfold over the years, with the subject matter changing constantly. 

I love what I'm doing. To be able to devote myself to my passion and creativity is truly a gift. I approach each subject with a firm intention: capture their individuality in a beautiful medium. It's always in there somewhere, and I aim to find what others may not have seen before. It doesn't always mean getting a smile, either!

Please enjoy looking at my photos, and contact me if you have any questions. I'd love to be able to work with you soon!


p.s. - I promise, this is NOT the camera I will use for your photo shoot!!